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FMRI data

We acquired whole brain volumes (64$ \times$ 64$ \times$ 21; 4$ \times$ 4$ \times$ 6 mm, $ N=18470$ inter-cranial voxels) of FMRI data on a Varian 3T system (TR=$ 3$sec; TE=$ 30$ms) under (i) resting condition and under different experimental stimuli (180 volumes each): (ii) 30s on/off visual stimulus (black and white checkerboard reversing at 8Hz), (iii) 30s on/off visual stimulus (coloured checkerboard reversing at 8Hz) and 45s on/off auditory stimulus (radio recording). The data were corrected for subject motion using MCFLIRT [Jenkinson et al., 2002] to perform 6 parameter rigid-body motion correction. The corrected data was temporally high pass filtered (Gaussian-weighted LSF straight line subtraction, with $ \sigma=75.0s$ [Marchini and Ripley, 2000]) and masked of non- brain voxels using BET [Smith et al., 2001].

Christian F. Beckmann 2003-08-05